Flow Communications

Flow knows that staff who feel recognised for their efforts, and who are kept informed about issues affecting their working environment, are committed to their employer and stay motivated to do their best, every day. We live that knowledge daily, in every action we take.

Internal communications has always been vital. In these days of Covid-19, keeping your staff informed and reassured is even more important – and Flow is here to help you. Covid-19 is changing our world, and everyone, everywhere, is apprehensive.

We bring you a wealth of experience in internal communications, built over more than a decade.

As a digital communications company, we are brimming with ideas on how to inform, reassure and motivate your staff via the myriad online methods and platforms available, from emailers to online webinars.

We helped train manufacturer Gibela get its staff ready to return to the factory floor when level 4 lockdown kicked in on 1 May 2020, and we have won awards for our internal communications work for the Road Accident Fund. We have also worked regularly with Standard Bank to keep its staff up to date with the many changes in the banking sector over the years.

Covid Poster
Flow helped train manufacturer Gibela prepare for a return to work after level 5 of the national lockdown ended. (Image: Flow Communications)

Flow has a multipronged approach to perfecting internal communications, to ensure that staff are enticed to read and to participate.

Brilliant content

Great content is the bedrock of all effective communications. Content must be timely, relevant, accurate, engaging and, perhaps, even amusing. We have a team of skilled and experienced writers, many with backgrounds in mainstream journalism, who produce excellent, fit-for-purpose content quickly and accurately. All content is carefully researched, fact-checked and edited to the highest professional standards.

Creative design

Covid Booklet
Flow designed information booklets for Gibela to hand out to staff to help them stay safe at work during the Covid-19 pandemic. (Image: Flow Communications)

Our award-winning team of designers is highly skilled in digital communications and will ensure the brilliant content created by our writers is presented in the most eye-catching manner possible.

Distribute and measure

We use a powerful email marketing platform to distribute emailers so that we can provide real-time performance metrics. This platform optimises mailers for mobile and desktop display, allows for personalised and segmented mailing, and seamlessly integrates video into mailers.

We also use a social media platform that allows us to measure the reach of any communications.

Build a mini-site

Flow’s skilful development team can quickly build a mini-site dedicated to your staff, so that they have an identified portal for all internal communications. We can entice staff to engage with the information presented through quizzes, e-learning platforms, and Facebook and WhatsApp bots.

Mini site
Mini-site elements, designed by Flow. (Image: Flow Communications)

Distribute-to-staff devices

We employ corporate LAN advertising, also known as CLA, to push communications directly to your employees’ computers and mobile phones, and to office television screens, through screensavers, wallpaper, pop-up messaging, ticker tapes (a strip of links to news and information that scrolls across a screen), staff surveys, quizzes, training and competitions.

Staff communications using LAN advertising.

Online events

Flow has also helped several entities, including the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Industrial Development Corporation and the Road Accident Fund (RAF), to stage large events online, even before the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are an experienced partner

Among the many entities we have worked with on internal communications are the RAF and Standard Bank.

Mini site3
Flow can help you ensure your staff is on board and up to speed. (Image: Flow Communications)