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At Flow, we love the challenges the fast-moving field of web and app development presents: the ever-evolving technology; the complexity of communicating simply yet showcasing depth; the paradox of catching busy web users at their first glance of a web page or as they open an app on their phones; and seeing our clients shine in the digital sphere as brightly as they do in life ...

We are proud of the diversity of our digital portfolio. We don’t design template-based apps or sites, instead building them from the ground up to meet the specific communications needs of our clients and their target audiences. It’s not just about clean, clever programming – it’s also about the best graphic design and compelling writing. All three need to work together through seamless, elegant and simple user interfaces to ensure a powerful, meaningful web presence.

We provide a total digital solution for our clients. From branding, design and development to researching, copywriting, editing and proofreading, Flow covers all the bases of a professional digital presence. We also provide web and email hosting on our dedicated servers, and tracked email campaigns – all of which give us the flexibility to tailor a solution that meets our clients’ exact requirements.

All our websites are built in accordance with internationally accepted web standards. This ensures that our websites and applications are platform- and browser-independent and are presented in a consistent manner regardless of which device or internet browser is used to access the sites.

In terms of our approach to clients, we don’t believe any client is too big or too small. We have done sites and apps of a few pages for individuals, as well as sites and apps that encompass thousands of pages and complex functionality.

Our design philosophy is “keep it simple”. All our websites and apps are easily navigable, graphically rich (but not bandwidth intensive), and optimised for Google indexing.

Have a look at the Madiba’s Journey app we designed for South African Tourism, available for free download for Apple and Android devices:

Flow provided City Sightseeing South Africa with digital marketing services
Flow provided City Sightseeing South Africa with digital marketing services such as website and app development, website maintenance, email marketing, content and social media management.
The Icasa website, developed by Flow
The Icasa website, developed by Flow.