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Just like technology itself, social media continues to evolve and be updated on a regular basis in order to improve user experience, to keep up with current trends and, most importantly, to continue to promote engagement.

Here are a few exciting social media updates that will have you glued to your screen and navigating the social space more easily and in a friendlier way.

1. YouTube now allows users to stream TV shows on its app for free

YouTube recently announced that it is giving users an opportunity to stream full seasons of TV shows for free, when using its application, stating that this is “a new way to enjoy classic favourites”. The video-sharing company says this is a first in the United States, and that according to Nielsen, YouTube had reached over 135-million people on connected TVs in the US in December 2021.

2. Meta eliminates deceiving ‘watchbait’ video titles and descriptions

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced that marketers will no longer be able to lure people to watch unwanted content because of what they call “watchbait” clips, which includes tactics such as withholding key information, sensationalising content, or misleading viewers about the true nature of the video. The multinational technology company says that these tactics are used to tempt or bait people into watching the full video, and that users had told them that they felt let down and lied to after engaging with watchbait.

3. Algorithm-free feed-sorting options for all Instagram users

Instagram users now have the ability to control what they see on their feed by choosing their “favourites and following”. The social networking service says it launched these options because it wants users to be able to shape the platform into the best possible experience for them, as well as give them ways to quickly see what they are most interested in.

4. Simplified GIF-creation process for iOS users on Twitter

Twitter has gifted iOS users with an option to easily create GIFs on the platform by using the in-app camera. Despite GIFs not being new to social media, the option to instantly create them is. This already could be done, just in a different way. The new option has just taken out one step for creating the GIF.

5. Newsletter creation for company pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has introduced Newsletters, an option for companies to build and strengthen their communities. In 2021, it launched Articles for pages, which was aimed at helping publish long-form professional content to spark conversations and drive greater engagement.

With Newsletters, LinkedIn wants to make it easier for brands to drive immediate reach, sustain an engaged community, and communicate with a free, native solution. This new value-add also comes with notifications for page followers of newsletter updates.

These are just a few of the latest social media updates. Despite none being too drastic, they are a clear indication that the creators of these platforms are continuously looking for ways to improve user experience and encourage engagement.

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